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A friend posted this on Facebook, and i must pass on for those interested in iPads in schools.

TPACK iPad Project In Schools (TIPS) | Dr Jenny Lane – Edith Cowan University.


Here’s a stack of resources for the olympics.

Australian Olympic Committee: Lower.

This site has handmade cloth and wood games, which would be useful if trying to reduce the amount of plastic in your room.

Mollydag Made: Shop Mollydag Made.

I am currently having some success with one of my weaker students through this. We haven’t got the online section, but we are going through the reading packs and accompanying work books.

Bright, colourful and fun; while reinforcing mastry of words and topics.

ABC Reading Eggs | Where Children Learn to Read | School Information.

Bake free, healthy(ish), vegan ccoking pages.

Should have a few recipes that could be done with a class, and with correct school support (assuming you choose the healthy ones), they should be able to get ingredients paid for by the school.

Recipage — Oh She Glows.

Site dedicated to small fun activities that could easily be done with students; either as a mini art session or just for a fun activity.

Some are easier than others, so check the steps out first.

Minieco tutorials | Mini-eco.

Female sports historical photos:

Interesting for use when talking about sport histories…

Sportswomen of the Past – A Homage with Vintage Pictures – World in Sport | World in Sport.



This week in class…

This week in class we have been learning about Space.

Below are the list of references for you to see where the information came from.






Youtube Videos:


Magazine article – Lee, M. (2012). Waste, technology, 24/7/365 teaching and collaborative development. Australian Teacher Technology Magazine. 11-14.


Text book – Krause, K.-L. B. (2003). In Educational psychology for learning and teaching, 2nd edition (pp. 44, 231). Victoria: Cengage Learning Australia.


Text book – Turner, W. (2012). ICT1250 Multi-Modal Approaches to Teaching and Learning. Sydney, NSW: Pearson.


If you find any other useful space websites that the class might enjoy, leave a

link in the comments.